Our story

The Healthy and Delicious philosophy is to create fresh, gluten-free Italian food whilst supporting small Italian local businesses and communities.  We build direct links with Italian farms and financially support the planting of tomatoes and crops to ensure Healthy and Delicious uses only the freshest of ingredients. By striking up relationships with small, local farms and olive groves, we are also able to help struggling businesses that fall under the mainstream.

It is deep in Pollino, Italy’s largest national park in Basilicata, Southern Italy, somewhere between the imposing peaks of Mounts Dolcedorme and Cozzo del Pellegrino where our  our signature tomato sauce and olive oil is sourced.

From the very first step, the ingredients are cared for in a natural environment. The crops are grown using traditional methods and fertilized with animal manure from animals that are well looked after, fed with organic produce and free to roam. 

Our tomatoes and olives trees are planted in extremely rich and fertile land which faces East making it perfect for early crops. 

The park is perfect for Entomologists; there are thousands of different insects to study. We protect our crops from insects in the most natural way.  Never using pesticides or chemicals, we use marigolds and basil, which act as a natural pesticide and repellent to the insects. 


We pick the tomatoes when they are ripe and juicy, in the height of summer, and pasteurise them by putting them into glass jars and boiling them. Their quality and freshness is then sealed and maintained until they reach England. 

So not only do we produce the freshest Italian produce for our customers, but we also contribute to the conservation of the national park and help farmers who fall outside the mainstream.