The Healthy & Delicious philosophy

At Healthy and Delicious we create fresh, gluten-free Italian food whilst supporting small Italian businesses and communities.  We build direct links with Italian farms and financially support the planting of tomatoes, olives and other crops which in turn ensures Healthy and Delicious uses only the best and freshest of ingredients. The Company was founded on the belief that leading a gluten free lifestyle should not mean compromising on taste. So far, on our Healthy & Delicious journey, we've sought out truly tasty and authentic gluten-free ingredients, developed our unique recipe combinations and found the like-minded people (not necessarily gluten intolerant but interested in the benefits of quality food without gluten) that are at the heart of Healthy & Delicious.


Louisa Grasso is the brains and drive behind the H&D brand. Although having spent most of her working life successfully in the music & Arts industry, she always felt a deep yearning to work with food, health & nature. Her Italian roots and the love of her culture’s cuisine always played a significant role in her identity.

When she was diagnosed, with gluten & wheat intolerance, she knew the longed for opportunity beckoned. She had to adapt to a gluten & wheat free diet with which she could overcome her illness. Equally she had a young family who disliked the choice of gluten & wheat free products available on the market. She subsequently embarked on a long research trip not only back to her roots, where in her younger years, she would often help in her family’s restaurant and organic farm produce but most importantly to the gluten & wheat free dietary needs.

She had known Leonard Nolan for many years and was aware of his experimental capacity as a chef. In order to create a high quality, gluten & wheat free range she needed to work with a visionary & collaborative chef.  H&D was born out of a need but answered to a food lover’s calling. 


Leonard Nolan is the master alchemist and much admired head chef of the Healthy and Delicious gluten & wheat free team. 

Although born and partly educated in England, he is culturally continental. The Italian family tradition is such that the first son in a matriarchal family is encouraged to spend time in the kitchen learning the great joys of experimental cooking. Indeed, his much respected grandmother laid the foundations for his love of cooking, teaching him to use fresh ingredients as his medium.

Leonard’s life- long passion for experiential cooking was always in the background and after a twenty year successful career as an architect, working in glass conservation which then led to contemporary design, he decided to take on the role of chef professionally.  

It was at this time that Louisa Grasso, who knew his skills and passion for many years asked him to be head chef of her new venture.The rest is history as they say!

H&D and Leonard were destined to be a team.


Involved in the fashion & beauty world for over 30 years, internationally known freelance make-up artist Mary Vango, has been responsible for the successful introduction of new cosmetic lines and beauty products into the ever changing world of the industry.

Mary has since launched a brand identity & product development company harnessing her expertise and global contacts. She advises start ups and existing brands on the art of generating new online presence by streamlining their PR strategies, identifying their core demographic and utilising relevant market trends to their advantage.



Helped us develop our logo and brand image. They now provide ongoing digital support for H&D, maintaining web content, blogging & marketing material relevant to the business.