Healthy & Delicious - the ideal dining solution...

It seems to be increasingly the case that dining in is the new eating out - and we’re embracing that. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and we all look forward to the times we can take our foot off the pedal, catch up with the good friends we’d like to see more of and actually relax but it can be a challenge in itself to choose a place to spend this oh-so-precious time.  Finding consistently excellent London restaurants that don’t cost the earth and which have the right kind of intimate yet uplifting ambience for a group of great friends (or just you and a partner) isn’t necessarily easy, particularly if there are opposing dietary requirements or tastes in the mix, like vegetarian or gluten-free, to consider.

We came up with our Healthy and Delicious concept for exactly this reason. To provide restaurant standard, beautifully presented Italian food which you can enjoy whether you’re following a gluten-free lifestyle or not. Our freshly prepared menus, delivered to wherever you want them mean you can dine in with a partner, celebrate with business contacts, party with friends or just relax with the family, safe in the knowledge that the food you serve up will be fabulous tasting and lovely looking - and you won’t have had to spend hours slaving over the kitchen stove to produce it. As well as being gluten-free our food is suitable for vegetarians and made from authentic organic ingredients too. 

The beauty of dining in at home is that there’s no restaurant to book, no taxi to hang about for and you won’t get caught in the rain. There’s no wait to be served or delay getting the drinks brought over, a trip to the bathroom isn’t a trek (or a nightmare) and you can even take your shoes off if you like.  

By ordering in your supper, party or celebration food from Healthy & Delicious you’ll not only be guaranteeing a great spread for you and your guests, you’ll also be saving a heap of time by not cooking. This means there should be plenty of time left for laying up a lovely table and perfecting the all-important drinks menu.

If you’re so inclined, it can be pretty simple to add some special touches to your dining room (or your kitchen table) to transform it to something pretty splendid. Whether it’s a case of bringing out your most beautiful linen, switching off the lights in favour of candlelight or grabbing some gorgeous blooms from the local florist - low effort, big effect decorating solutions do exist (just have a look on Pinterest if you don’t believe us… it’s our style bible).

So if you’re thinking of spending some quality time over supper with your partner, have the family booked in over Easter for a long lunch or if you’ve got a date in the diary with friends but no venue as yet - how about giving us a call? We’ll come up with some delicious dishes to suit you perfectly (all with the added benefit of being completely gluten-free), whatever the occasion. If you’re short on time, you can order straight from the Healthy & Delicious website and then rest-assured that we'll have it all in hand and will deliver it directly to you so you can concentrate on enjoying that precious time.

These inspiring dining images were spotted on Pinterest. Find them on the stylemeprettyblog,, Anthropologie, urbanloftinspiration, mooncanyon & friendsgiving boards if you fancy a closer look.

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