Ten healthy, tasty, gluten free hunger-busters…

We’re not stuck for delicious dinner, lunch or party ideas that are free from gluten but sometimes finding healthy, gluten-free, energy boosting snacks can be a challenge. It can be tricky with a busy lifestyle to get through a day without an energy slump and when you want to steer away from traditionally gluten-packed break-time snacks like the odd biscuit or slice of cake, the choice can be a little uninspiring (particularly as some of the gluten-free solutions contain rather a lot of additives).

So we’ve gone back to basics - taking a look at readily available, naturally gluten free snack solutions which are tasty and transportable but which are also great for keeping you going till lunch or dinner and for keeping energy slumps at bay.

1. Almonds have made a fashion comeback of late with celebrity endorsements left, right and centre but there’s a good reason. Not only are Almonds a gluten-free source of carbohydrate and protein, they’re high in antioxidants and essential minerals that aid brain health, skin health and heart function. If you’re feeling inspired you can roast or toast them for extra crunchy flavour.

2. Fresh berries are pretty much available all year round but English berries are just getting to their seasonal prime. Berries are bursting full of antioxidants and vitamins, are naturally sweet and full of fabulous flavour. Choose from supercharged blueberries, cherries, strawberries or raspberries for a thoroughly scrumptious snack.

3. Sunflower or pumpkin seeds make a tasty, savoury snack solution. Readily available they’re high in fibre, vitamin E and protein and naturally gluten-free. Sunflower seeds are rich in folate (which is especially beneficial to women) and crucial elements for supporting heart health. Pumpkin seeds are  high in a specific anti-oxidant which enhances immune activity and disease fighting. Very tasty too.

4. Popcorn is a whole grain so is high in fibre, B vitamins and vitamin E. Great for digestion too. Historically it’s had a bad rap because it’s so often doused in sugar, salt or toffee but without this it’s still supremely moreish and surprisingly healthy. Recently it’s even discovered to have high antioxidant benefits - brilliant.

5. Medjool Dates truly are the fruit of kings. Full of potassium, fibre and essential minerals they also have a delicious caramel flavour and are supremely succulent. Despite being incredibly healthy, eating these little gems alongside a break time cuppa feels like a total treat.

6. Edamame are the unripened green soybeans that come straight from the pod and they are indeed healthy and delicious. Boiled or steamed in their pods and then shelled, they make a tasty snack and they can also be dried for a bit of crunch. They’re a complete protein so contain nine amino acids, are low calorie and are high in fibre. 

7. Baked chick peas make an excellent, healthy snack solution. There are a million different spice combinations that you can add and you end up with a low calorie, high protein, high fibre, fabulous gluten-free gourmet nibble.

8. Rice cakes may be a bit eighties and aren’t everyone’s favourite, but opt for the plain variety and there’s plenty of scope to spruce them up a bit and add some extra nutritional elements with spreads or toppings. You can create a superbly convenient snack which is great for beating mid morning hunger pangs.

9. Apricots are well known as a fibre-packed speedy source of healthy energy but the best ones to go for are the brownish coloured ones which have not been treated with chemicals. Dried apricots are packed with potassium (with more than three times the potassium of bananas) which helps to keep blood pressure lower and they taste scrummy.

10. Olives are definitely our favourite healthy and delicious snack. As they hail from our Italian heartland we’re especially fond of them but it’s the wide variety of flavours and types and their amazing body benefits which make us love them even more. They actually help eliminate excess cholesterol, they’re packed with vitamin c and antioxidants and they help protect against anaemia. Impressive and delicious.

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