Dining made easy with Healthy & Delicious meals…

The beauty of the Healthy and Delicious concept is that our food is gluten-free but everything tastes so delicious that you would never guess. We’ve aimed to totally dispel the myth that gluten free food (and particularly the traditionally gluten-heavy products like pasta and pastry) can’t taste good and with our specially developed recipes, we think we’ve been more than successful. In fact, we’ve proved that Italian gluten-free food which actually tastes fabulous is possible and it seems our customers are in thorough agreement.

Our busy London lives, juggling families, work and gluten-free diets have highlighted how difficult it can be to provide delicious meals to cater to specific dietary needs and to relax enough to enjoy eating them when you’re short on time. Just finding an evening in the week to share a meal and a chat with a partner or friend can be tricky, let alone managing to rustle up a fabulous spread in time for them to arrive when really all you want to do is put your feet up, open a bottle of wine and have a good gossip.

For just such occasions, we have the solution in our ready-made, fresh Italian gluten-free meals. Perfect if you have a gluten intolerance but just as good if you just fancy something really delicious for dinner and you don’t have the inclination to cook.

The ingredients we use are all suitable for vegetarians and are sourced from artisan producers on small farms in Italy. We take care to find the finest flavours of the Mediterranean and that’s why our meals are so authentically Italian.

Choose from our cannelloni, gnocchi, lasagna or tortellini dishes, all freshly prepared with our special gluten free pasta and delicious, carefully honed sauces. We also have a collection of wonderful desserts to finish with including Italian lemon tart, rich chocolate tart and Italian cheesecakes. 

We’ll deliver direct to you so you just need to set the table, add mood lighting, chill the wine and relax. Healthy & Delicious dining couldn’t be easier. Just pop along to our shop.