If you're gluten-free, these 'superfoods' are well worth taking note of...

The road to nutritional balance can be a rocky one, particularly if you're living a gluten-free lifestyle. It can be tricky enough to steer clear of all the classic, traditionally gluten-rich energy boosting carbs like bread and pastry, let alone keeping ahead of all the hidden gluten in all those things you never would have dreamt could cause problems. Making sure that you do eat enough of the essential vitamins, nutrients and energy rich foods that will keep your body in tip-top working order can often be forgotten in the quest for avoiding the food which triggers symptoms of gluten intolerance, coeliac disease or wheat allergy but if you're a sufferer, these really are key.

At Healthy & Delicious, we're all about fresh, organic ingredients...

because they're the ones with all the nutrients and flavour. We're always experimenting with different ingredients and recipes and we're continuously seeking out new elements to add extra dimensions to our dishes.

We've gathered a list of some of our favourite, but sometimes overlooked super-ingredients that are packed full of vitamins and minerals. These could be useful to be aware of if you're following a gluten-free diet (or otherwise) and are looking to help keep your body in great working order and your skin glowing.

Free range eggs - a great source of protein and vitamin D. We use dozens of eggs for our deliciously light gluten free pasta dishes and rich Italian desserts and we never underestimate the value of these, the most versatile of ingredients.

Oily fish - with omega-3 fatty acids. Oily fish are crammed with the nutrients that aid a healthy immune function and keep you full and energised. We're total fans of the richly flavoured smoked salmon that we use in our Agnolotti and our catering and events menus.

Avocados - full of healthy fats and known to help balance hormones. A brilliant staple ingredient to include in a gluten-free diet, these creamy and delicious fruits feel thoroughly indulgent and make a great snack we love them scooped straight from the skin.

Quinoa - a slow-to-digest grain that helps stabilise energy. Cutting out wheat can mean that you can get hungry more quickly so finding alternatives to fill you up is important. Quinoa is brilliant in salads and alongside stews and combining that with plenty of of our special gluten free pasta and gnocchi means that our gluten-free diets are varied and satisfying.

Walnuts - classically Italian and full of omega-3. Italians have been using walnuts for decades in their cooking and as well as being a delicious, crunchy addition to all kinds of Italian dishes, they're also packed with brain boosting omega-3 and slow release energy. An ideal gluten-free snack.

Mussels - these excellent shellfish are rich in zinc which is one of the minerals that is often found to be lacking in the average gluten-free diet because it's main source is wheatgerm. It's vitally important for maintaining immunity and general health. If you're not a fan of shellfish, opt for spinach or cashew nuts as zinc-rich alternatives.

Yoghurt - a great source of protein, yoghurt is a simple, delicious additional to meals and treat in itself. Watch out for unwanted additives and choose the ones with the shortest ingredients lists - just milk and yoghurt culture is all you need.

Maintaining the right balance of nutrients and minerals for your body whilst leading a gluten-free lifestyle can sometimes feel like hard work, particularly if you have a family to feed, friends to entertain or events to run. There's a wealth of advice and information around if you're after gluten-free recipes and alternatives but if you just fancy having someone else take care of it all, Healthy and Delicious are always here to help. If you're planning a wonderful family dinner or evening party with friends, we can provide a selection of freshly prepared Italian inspired dishes or delicate canapés - all created with wonderfully fresh, nutritionally sound ingredients and all thoroughly Healthy & Delicious.