The best drinks to opt for when you're living gluten-free....


Whether you’re enjoying a celebration supper with friends and are looking to raise a toast, if you have an end of summer BBQ and cooling drinks are in order or if you’ve ordered a Healthy & Delicious lasagne and dessert and need to select suitably gluten-free, grown-up drink options, we’ve been looking into the gluten-free friendly (and not so friendly) ones.

As Italians, we’re very relieved that whilst leading our gluten-free lifestyles, we can still enjoy a glass of wine or two... accompany a meal or evening out. A light and refreshing Prosecco, rich and fruity red or zingy and uplifting crisp white can really make an occasion and as wine is free from gluten, it’s definitely fine for consumption. Gluten-intolerant or not, a good tip is to seek out wines with lower sulphate levels as it’s said they’re less likely to bring on those classic hangover symptoms if you’ve had one too many.

Fortified and distilled wines (all made from trusty grapes) are also fine (in moderation) for the gluten-intolerant. That includes port, sherry, brandy and cognac. Cheers to that.

Traditional beer and all things related however, are not so suitable. Lager, beer, stout and ale are all made from wheat, barley and hops which are gluten-containing grains. The good news is that gluten-free beers and lagers are hot stuff and plenty of new varieties are being introduced to the market which are well worth trying (they usually use millet, rice, corn or buckwheat as alternatives to the classic grains).

Cider is a safe option for those leading a gluten-free lifestyle however, as are the similar fermented fruit drinks that are proving trendy like Perry (pear cider). Great for sipping on a sunny afternoon or kicking off an evening ofsocialising.

If something a little more exotic is more up your street then there are definitely plenty of cocktail ingredients that are fine for coeliacs or the gluten-intolerant amongst us.  Surprisingly the grain-based spirits like gin, whisky and vodka are in fact gluten-free (because of the distillation process) and Tequila is entirely plant based so definitely a good solution for getting a gluten-free party started.

Once you’ve finalised your drinks menu, all you’ll need is a range of delicious gluten-free canapés, dishes or desserts... keep you or your guests full and happy. Healthy and Delicious can definitely help out with this part and if you’d like to hear about which of our favourite Italian wines would perfectly compliment your gourmet gluten-free menu, we’d be only to pleased to make a recommendation! Saluti.