Healthy January can still be Delicious...

For lots of us, January brings resolution. Decisions to live a little more healthily, take up a challenge, give up a vice, learn a new skill or try to adopt a new mindset. After all the festive food, the generous supply of drink and the copious amount of snacks and treats that come with Christmas, one of the most common January resolutions is to shed a few pounds and try to feel a little healthier. At Healthy and Delicious HQ, we’ll be gently incorporating this into our January too. 

Our year-round mantra is to enjoy and savour freshly prepared food and to use unprocessed, fresh ingredients wherever we can. 

Our gluten-free lifestyles mean that we do automatically avoid some of the classic high sugar, high fat foods which are often deemed ‘unhealthy’ but we’re also aware that plenty of the ‘free-from’ branded products available in the shops can still be packed with sugar and additives, so just being ‘gluten-free’ is not an instant route to healthiness. We also firmly believe that eating delicious meals with family and friends, enjoying a glass of wine or two and making occasions really special by sharing a celebration cake or delicious dessert are the kind of things that can make for truly memorable moments.

If you are are one of the 1% of the UK’s population who are Coeliac, then unfortunately there’s little option but to cut out the gluten in order to feel better.  It can also help with the the general feel of wellbeing to stick to fresh, non-processed, additive free foods, drink more water and keep a check on the ingredients listed on any ‘free-from’ products that you’re eating.


If you are not diagnosed wheat intolerant but have a tendency to feel bloated, gassy, uncomfortable or otherwise adversely affected after eating gluten-rich foods, then the January detox period could be a good time to consider cutting down on wheat based processed bread, butter-rich pastry and sugary cakes in exchange for simpler, tasty, fresh foodstuffs. Conventional bread could be replaced by sourdough (which still contains some gluten but is more digestible because it’s fermented) or corn based wraps, or you can find a myriad of clever bread alternatives on the web, including surprisingly delicious cauliflower bread.

Opting for a gluten free pasta (like our very own H&D lasagne, tagliatelle or spinach tagliatelle) can mean you avoid the symptoms associated with gluten,

whilst still being able to enjoy a wonderfully tasty, fresh and additive free meal. Just combine your favourite pasta with a serving of simple and healthy tomato and herb sauce and enjoy. Trying to drop carbs completely (which is a often a popular post Christmas diet decision) can result in energy slumps and grumbling tummies so considering opting for sticking to a small amount of gluten-free carbs (like Healthy and Delicious pasta) could be a workable half-way house.


All in all, maintaining a more healthy lifestyle - whether gluten-free or otherwise can really help to make you feel a bit better.

Christmas was lovely, but starting the new year with good intentions, a few less calories, some fresh thinking about glutenand a little bit of exercise might just ease us into a 2017 that’s both Healthy and Delicious.