We're pleased to present the new H&D gluten-free Summer Menu...

Freshly prepared Italian food

Despite the fact that the UK seems to have been suffering from a distinct lack of summer of late, we've still been bringing the sunshine into the Healthy and Delicious kitchen, with our fabulous new range of summer-infused gluten-free recipes. All inspired by the flavours of the mediterranean and our very favourite vegetables, these Italian classics have been given a Healthy & Delicious twist by our resident chefs and presented to perfection, so whether you choose to eat them with family, friends or business associates, they'll be similarly impressed by the elegant appearance and rich and complex flavour combinations of every one of these sumptuous summer dishes.

Gluten free Italian food delivery

Order a selection of our new summer dishes via the Healthy and Delicious website or through Deliveroo.co.uk and all you'll need to do is add a little side salad with a drizzle of our flavoursome Healthy and Delicious Olive Oil or dressing and enjoy.

Italian dishes with a summer flavour

First up are our Aubergine Blooms, which are grilled aubergine pockets stuffed with a delicious mixture of rice, capers and mozzarella cheese, enhanced with a combination of herbs. Wonderful on their own as a starter or main course and even better eaten alongside our Stuffed Baby Courgettes. These are stuffed with millet and corn couscous (entirely gluten-free of course) and a delicious blend of capers, mozzarella and pecorino cheese with delicate herbs.

Authentic Italian recipes for London

Our Stuffed Peppers are an Italian classic. Gorgeous brightly coloured peppers stuffed with our signature gluten free, vegetarian couscous combination. Fabulous. We've also included one of our favourite recipes - Egg Frittata Buds which another, lesser known Italian classic recipe - baked with a herbed potato mixture, shallots and mozzarella and pecorino cheeses.


Healthy & Delicious vegetarian meals

We're very excited about our Healthy & Delicious stuffed tomatoes - always one of our favourites. Ripe and tasty beef tomatoes, stuffed with a gluten-free mixture of long grain rice, mozzarella, capers and our signature homemade H&D tomato passata.

New gluten free beef lasagne

In addition to all of these scrumptious vegetarian Italian dishes, we've also added a new lasagne to the mix. We've always had our classic vegetarian gluten free lasagne, but now we also have a version layered up with organic beef too. This classic southern Italian favourite combines hand stretched gluten free pasta with our signature pasta and special H&D gluten-free béchemel sauce.

Order gluten free dishes

If you need a simply delicious selection of food for a dinner or family celebration or you're looking for event catering or gluten free wholesale products to sell in a shop or cafe, with Healthy and Delicious you can rest assured that everyone will enjoy the menu whether they're leading a gluten-free lifestyle or not. And now we've introduced our summer menu, there'll certainly be sunshine - whatever the weather.

Choose H&D gluten free catering for your events and parties...

One of the things we love doing (and we're keen to do much more of) is gluten-free event catering and food for parties and functions. We're thoroughly inspired by the plethora of fabulous ingredients around at the moment and we love finding ways to create beautifully simple and enticing plates of sharing food, buffet treats and canapés for our clients to enjoy, so they don't need to be concerned with the hassle of cooking or the worry of catering for specific dietary requirements like gluten-intolerance.

We use fabulous Italian ingredients...

to build delicious, elegant menus for your guests. Whether you're hosting a small party for friends to celebrate a special birthday, or you're organising a corporate event or large scale business lunch, we can create a special selection of scrumptious dishes to satisfy the biggest appetites and the most discerning palettes.

At Healthy and Delicious we understand the extra pressure of providing meals to suit...

specific dietary-requirements and that's why our gluten-free menus also incorporate elements of vegetarian cuisine and plenty of healthy, low fat fresh dishes. Our gluten-free menus can also be tailored to suit your particular requirements - bespoke selections of authentic Italian recipes which are bursting with the flavours of the mediterranean.

We can also produce a fantastic range of gluten-free canapés which can be extended to suit any event size. They make a brilliant display and when there's a selection laid out in elegant dishes, they really do make the perfect party piece. All of our canapés and event catering dishes make the most of our very own artisan olive oil, our rich and delicious tomato sauces, our own signature pesto sauce and some of our favourite cheeses, specially selected from our very own, exclusive Italian small producers.

If you have an upcoming event that you're considering catering options for...

or if you're having a party and want to provide canapés that will suit everyone's tastes and requirements, why not consider Healthy and Delicious's gluten free event catering? Beautifully presented, freshly prepared and just that little bit different. Get in touch if you want to find out more about our menus or make a booking.

Al-fresco, summer celebrations - perfect for Healthy & Delicious food or canapés...

When May tips over into June, some seriously sunny spells are on the cards. The garden really burst into bloom and beckons us outside for eating, entertaining and general enjoyment of the balmy days and lighter sultry evenings.

Whether it's a weekend family gathering, grown-up celebration, informal high tea or even a wedding, getting everyone into the garden or hiring out a gorgeous outside space can make for an idyllic occasion. Memorable, relaxing and infused with the heady scent of the English Countryside.

Al-fresco entertaining gives everyone space to mill about, a beautiful backdrop, room for any younger guests to play and hopefully an uplifting burst of fresh air and a warm sunny glow. Plus, as everyone knows, food always tastes better when it's eaten outside.

There's scope to keep things very simple, with just some picnic benches and a trestle table which can be laden with finger food and chilled drinks, or you can create a country garden style high tea with bunting, garden games and delicious cakes and pastries. For an elegant al-fresco dining experience (if the forecast is fair) why not bring the inside out with dining furniture and a couple of candelabra set up between strings of twinkling fairy lights?

If juggling the preparation and hosting along with all that cooking is a step to far - no problem. At Healthy & Delicious, we're well versed in the art of catering for any size of group and our fabulous, freshly prepared meals and canapés are all created with delicious, organic, flavourful ingredients, absolutely ideal for eating in the great outdoors.

It could be a case of opting for something simply, deliciously, family friendly like one of our large vegetarian lasagnas, followed by a fresh and zesty summer fruit Italian cheesecake. Serve alongside a gorgeous seasonal leaf salad in a peppery dressing, maybe some Italian olives and a glass of Italian wine. Everyone will love our gluten-free cheesecakes (you'd never guess they are!) and they look beautiful served up in the sunshine.

For something a little more theatrical, why not serve up a selection of our Healthy and Delicious vegetarian canapés? Bold and elegant, they're made from a range of exciting Italian ingredients and wonderful vegetables, enticing to the eye and satisfying to the appetite. A spread of these spectacular snacks, served up with plenty of chilled Prosecco and the ambience that comes with a summer's evening in the garden will ensure that your guests go home with memories of a wonderful evening, well spent.

We can help you come up with the perfect celebration supper menu, from starters to main dishes to fabulous desserts. Just give us a call or email us to find out more or place your order through the Healthy & Delicious shop

Here's to a wonderful summer...

PS. The inspirational garden images above are from Pinterest. Have a look at the 'Better Homes & Gardens' boards for more of the same.

Dining made easy with Healthy & Delicious meals…

The beauty of the Healthy and Delicious concept is that our food is gluten-free but everything tastes so delicious that you would never guess. We’ve aimed to totally dispel the myth that gluten free food (and particularly the traditionally gluten-heavy products like pasta and pastry) can’t taste good and with our specially developed recipes, we think we’ve been more than successful. In fact, we’ve proved that Italian gluten-free food which actually tastes fabulous is possible and it seems our customers are in thorough agreement.

Our busy London lives, juggling families, work and gluten-free diets have highlighted how difficult it can be to provide delicious meals to cater to specific dietary needs and to relax enough to enjoy eating them when you’re short on time. Just finding an evening in the week to share a meal and a chat with a partner or friend can be tricky, let alone managing to rustle up a fabulous spread in time for them to arrive when really all you want to do is put your feet up, open a bottle of wine and have a good gossip.

For just such occasions, we have the solution in our ready-made, fresh Italian gluten-free meals. Perfect if you have a gluten intolerance but just as good if you just fancy something really delicious for dinner and you don’t have the inclination to cook.

The ingredients we use are all suitable for vegetarians and are sourced from artisan producers on small farms in Italy. We take care to find the finest flavours of the Mediterranean and that’s why our meals are so authentically Italian.

Choose from our cannelloni, gnocchi, lasagna or tortellini dishes, all freshly prepared with our special gluten free pasta and delicious, carefully honed sauces. We also have a collection of wonderful desserts to finish with including Italian lemon tart, rich chocolate tart and Italian cheesecakes. 

We’ll deliver direct to you so you just need to set the table, add mood lighting, chill the wine and relax. Healthy & Delicious dining couldn’t be easier. Just pop along to our shop.