We have some very happy H&D customers

At Healthy and Delicious, we love creating and supplying our fresh, healthy Italian dishes and we really love to hear that they've been well received. Be it one of our gluten free celebration cakes that has delighted you, you're impressed with the texture of out gluten free Tagliatelle, or you've been bowled over by the efficient delivery of an H&D family-sized lasagna, please do drop us a line via the form on our 'Contact' page. In the meantime here are some of the nice things people have said about us so far:


This is Italian food at its best…
Masses of flavor, beautiful presentation and so light to the taste. You would never be able to tell that the pasta is all Gluten free, apart from the fact that you can actually eat that second bowl!
— Iain Hill
The apple tart was stunningly beautiful, with the apples arranged like the blooms of roses. I’d never have guessed it was gluten free -The perfect tart for a celebration.
— Penelope Cream
You have no idea how good the apple cake from Healthy & Delicious was, we devoured all of it it..... thank you, thank you!
— Gianna (Nannini)
Incredibly tasty but really light. I didn’t feel over-full after eating it. Amazing product!
— Trust & Wealth


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